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GMP/Prerequisite Audits:

Our professional staff are able to carry out a variety of audits, including Good Manufacturing Practices audits of food processing facilities and food service establishments. They have experience conducting GAP assessments against a variety of standards. We can help prepare you for customer and third party audits.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Audits:

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is one of seven Global Food Safety Initiative Standards. Jyoti is one of the most experienced certified BRC auditors in North America and has conducted over 200 audits and pre-assessments against this standard.

GMA-SAFE Audits:

Jyoti is certified to conduct GMA-SAFE audits. GMA-SAFE Supplier Assessments for Food Excellence were developed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association to provide a mechanism by which end-users to determine if their suppliers meet their own specific, internal standards. These highly detailed narrative audits provide a virtual tour of the food operation. Pre-assessments are also available to position a facility to prepare for future GMA SAFE audits.